Why Masculinity Matters?

Over the past three years, the world is witnessing an escalation of violence breaking out of international conflicts, that bring religion into a political struggle. Especially, after the launch of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, in 2014, political violence in the name of religion has vastly spread out from the Middle East, bringing terror to Europe, Asia and also hitting Indonesia. ISIS’s call for a khilafah, or the creation of a caliphate, has attracted over a thousand Indonesians who are dreaming to live in the fantasy of an Islamic state.

What We Understand?

At IMVIRE, we hold the understanding that violence is not a mere social and political action, but a gendered practice. Violence is not something that happens against women and humanity, but what some men do. Violence is enabled by some forms of masculinity. We cannot, therefore, merely talk about ‘violence’, but ‘male violence’. In addressing violence, we need to turn our attention to men and masculinities. We believe that certain values of masculinity perpetuate male violence, mediate men’s practice of domination, and thereby sustain gender inequality.

Our Objective

In IMVIRE, we aimto develop Indonesian scholarship in the area of masculinities and male violence with a strong interest on its relation to religious issues.

What We Do

We carry out research, organise seminars and publications. We also run courses and manage laboratorycommunities.

Who Are We

We are young scholars, mostly Australian Alumnus, who have been engaging with the issues of gender, masculinities, male violence and religious issuesfor more than ten years.

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